Wednesday, September 12, 2007

3 things

1. My dearest roommate Cassie left for grad school in Denver! I will most definitely miss her! This was our last outing to Leatherby's the night before she left.

2. A guy in our ward, Stuart Memry, came over last night with a can of shaving cream, a razor, and a very strange request for Andrea - to please shave his neck! I told her she should show up at his door with toenail polish and ask him to paint her toes! Weiiiiiiird!

3. My new roommate, Dacya, got a kitten. Kitten is nameless as of yet, but Andrea and I now lovingly refer to her as "Ms. Peebody." On day two of Ms. Peebody's residence at our apartment, she diarrhea'd all over my down comforter and I had to pay $30 to get it dry cleaned (thanks Brit for running that errand!). Right after I brought the blanket back home and placed the cover on it, she smeared her little poo-plagued bottom on the cover! I managed to get that off without another cry-cleaning bill though. Now, ends up Ms. Peebody likes to poo in this particular corner of my room (or anywhere else when the urge hits) and has started peeing! She will cry really loud right before, so as soon as any of us hear her cry we RUN and grab her and put her in the litter box. She looks innocent enough, buuuuut...AAAAAARRRGH!

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