Saturday, January 28, 2012

Leftover Dates

I love food.  Love.

The thing is, I just can't eat much of it.  Like last Saturday, for instance - I went out for The Pie pizza and guess who only ate one piece before declaring she was so full she was gonna pop?  I seriously disappoint myself sometimes.  I had such ambitions - four pieces and a cookie from Smart Cookie. 

I digress.  I'm always up for yummy food.  But what to do with the leftovers when I'm not typically a huge leftovers fan?  And how many times do I just want a bite or two of a cookie or some other sweet treat, but don't want to waste the rest? 

This is where a man friend comes into play.  Men, you date me, you get to eat wherever you want and get at least half of my meal too.  I'm a bargain, fellas!

Come and get it!


Aaron said...

This is very clever personal advertising. Appealing to us always-hungry menfolk!

Shayla said...

I feel so "in the know". :) Maybe it's something about being with ME that you can only eat one slice...remember Grimaldis?!