Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Gleeful Love

I caught a few minutes of Glee the other night, something I rarely do anymore.

Mr. Schuester proposed to Emma.  Yes, Emma of the obsessive compulsive germaphobia.

Emotions and thoughts came flooding to me.  I recently have been worried a bit too much about my flaws, more importantly, that the people I want to embrace me most will reject me because of those flaws.

But I look at Mr. Schue and crazy, crazy Emma.  He loves her.  He loves her unconditionally, intensely, in spite of and because of all of her flaws.  They both know they will have to work incredibly hard to make it work, yet they proceed with faith.

Mr. Schue has it right - I want a Schue & Emma kinda love.


S.R. Braddy said...

Really? I always thought Schue and Emma were trying WAY too hard to be Jim and Pam.

Larissa said...

Huh - they are nothing like Jam.
But that isn't the point at all...the point is that I want someone who will work hard at the relationship with me in spite of and because of all of the known challenges. I'm ready to fight for it. And be partners with someone else who is also willing to fight for it.

Aaron said...

Wow, is that show still on? I haven't followed it in a while, but I'm glad it's hanging in there.
Definitely great how he loves her for ALL of her, even the parts that she might not be proud of. Very important that we learn to view people with that vision, especially significant others!

Miss Megan said...

This whole story rang very true for me. I especially loved her freak-out over the status of their relationship, and him being brutally honest about his doubts, even though he was secretly planning to propose. And knowing that SHE wanted to marry HIM probably helped. Mr. Schue has his own issues, like the crazy ex-wife. But in his proposal, he told her that she balances him out. That's what a true relationship should do.

I went to a ring ceremony once where the first words the bride used in the vows were "I promise to love you as you are." Isn't that a beautiful thing to say? There are so many things we hope for, and we definitely see potential in our loved ones, but we should always appreciate their faults and good qualities just as they are. Encourage betterment, but appreciate them every step of the way.

I hope I have/develop a relationship like this, too!

Elizabeth said...

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