Sunday, January 22, 2012

Somebody's Child

I've only ever been somebody's child.

I've never been a spouse.

I've never been a parent.

Aren't those these the things that make us feel like adults?  Marriage, children of your own?  Maybe even purchasing a home or having your own business would work.

I am an adult, but certainly don't feel like one.  I've known no other role for my life than that of being someone's child.  I am a nurturer, a loyal friend, a devout manager/employee, a pet adopter, a condo-of-my-own dweller...and yet none of these things give me that, "I'm a grown up" feeling.  Sometimes I even get that tickle inside that I'm playing house and fooling everyone.

Other singles out there - do you feel grown up?
Married friends - do you feel grown up?
When did this realization  hit you?

Baby Riss


Anonymous said...

I think the first moment I felt like an "adult" is when I traveled all on my own! I booked a flight, a rental car and got to my destination completely on my own. I'm married and have a baby now, and yes, it does help to feel like an adult.

Miss Megan said...

The first time I decided I was an adult was when I got my own car insurance. I had already graduated college, moved out of my parent's house, and gotten a job with health insurance, but cutting that last childhood tie to my parents seemed like a really big milestone. I was independent at last!