Tuesday, January 3, 2012


The "Resolutioners."

That's what I call them.  Who?  The people at the gym during January, trickling off in February, mostly entirely evaporated by March.

I love dedication to fitness.  Almost nothing is more attractive to me.  I love knowing that millions of people re-dedicate themselves each year and I am happy to know these people care enough about themselves and their families to do so.

What I don't love?  They take over my gym.  My gym.  They use him and then lose him.  I'm fine if they form a committed and long-term bond with Gym, but most don't.  Most just tease him with all that hot and sweaty business, making him think they love him back until one day they vanish.  Sure, they pay him off a little every month to console him for the loss, but Gym's language of love is Quality Time.  Little do they know that he will show his ultimate revenge when one day they wake up and all those pounds are back and they are once again out of breath trekking up the stairs. 

Resolutioners, to thee I plea - stick with it for yourself and for Gym.  Cause otherwise, you just majorly inconvenience my life for a few months.

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S.R. Braddy said...

I didn't know gym-going was so... sensual.