Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Jewelry Commercials Make My Blood Boil

I hate jewelry commercials.  With a passion.  Probably as passionately as those ladies in the commercials pretend to be idiotic fools who know their man loves them because he buys them a diamond.  Really?

Are women that superficial and that easily assuaged?

These commercials have gotten me so embarrassed about the fact that I like shiny accessories every once in awhile, that I won't go anywhere near a jewelry store.  In fact, if I walk by that section in a store, I cast quick glances that direction, trying to sneak a peak like you would at a secret crush.  I mean, c'mon, who doesn't love some glittery sparkly loveliness?!

But to go all goo-goo ga-ga over a man because he gave me a diamond?  Puhlease, all that means is that he's got money.  I'd go so far as to say these commercials imply that he doesn't love you if he doesn't waste his hard-earned Benjamins on you.  There is so much spoiled, pretentious fuss about it all.

If you prefer the company of diamonds over the company of your man, I suppose this would do.
Don't worry, if you don't treat her right in any way, but buy her diamonds, you'll fool everyone, including her.

This got me thinking about the business mantra, "Don't bring up the problem without proposing a solution."

And this morning I saw one.  On the side of a bus, an ad with a rock-looking gemstone saying, "Boys like to throw rocks at girls."  Clever.  I would like to see more of this.  Or the funnies in the image below, which isn't an official ad, but by golly it should be.


Kristie said...

Bahahaha. I love the Frodo one! And I'll give it to you, the throwing rocks at girls thing is clever, but if Karl did buy me a diamond, I'd be pissed if he chucked it at me.

Larissa said...


Miss Megan said...

Have you heard the Morgan Jewelers radio commercial where the girl is so excited about the box that she doesn't even open it? That commercial drives me nuts! My family puts new stuff in old boxes all the time before wrapping. I keep waiting for her to open it and realize her husband used the jewelry box to put a new pair of socks in, or something... after she's said she's so happy that it's NOT something lame like socks. Seriously. Jewelry commercials are inherently lame.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the worst Morgan jewelry ad (and they have wasted money on many stupid ads) is these two idiots they seem like they’re on drugs or something. He says I’m going to sing this ad then he says no no you’re gonna sing it then he says no no I’ll just read it and he reads it, and there’s a rhyme written at the end an he even says It in a way, pronounced that it doesn’t rhyme. There’s so much no no and then yes yes and it’s just moronic, the whole thing I could go on and on about the stupidity of that ad. It’s really sad because a strong legacy in this company is being brought down by these two idiots, And their moronic ads. Even worse than the stupid insurance commercials with all their little lizards and dumb people that supposedly is funny. It’s not funny it’s demeaning to a serious subject and a serious business. To be honest, I wouldn’t wanna go to a company that puts these two fools in these poorly written, and produced ads out there. They’ve driven me away from Morgan jewelers.