Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Closing Time

Some friends and I were discussing where to go after our next theater outing.

One of them suggested Hatch Family Chocolates (yes, from the TV show "The Little Chocolatiers").  My heart immediately sank in disappointment when I discovered their closing time is 10pm and we may not make it there in time after the show.

Then I realized that my definition of "in time" is "in enough time to have our treats and relax and enjoy them before 10pm."  Closing time is the time at which we need to be out.

Yet I know of people whose definition is "as long as I make it there before they lock the door." 

Is closing time the last moment the doors are open, or is it the last logical time you can enter and be finished before the doors are locked?

What do you think? 


Janell said...

It depends. If you're making a fast decision and dashing then closing time is the last possible moment that the door remains unlocked. If you wish to mull and linger then closing time is the last possible moment minus the time you're going to need. Be kind to the employees.

miss kristen said...

I agree with Janell. It all depends on if you're going to be in and out and not keep the employees from their closing duties, go ahead. If you want to sit and chat long after the doors are locked I say take your business elsewhere. Nothing irritated me more as a server than the people who would come in one minute before close and then keep us all from going home because they were too busy camping.

Aaron said...

I'm with the other commenters. Depends on what you and your friends are looking for (take out or sit down), if it's warm enough to sit outside, and if you care about making the staff miserable by keeping them after they could have gone home.