Thursday, November 3, 2011


Darn the group Eiffel 65 for ruining the word "blue" for me forever and ever.

I can not hear that word without automatically (and sometimes outloud) jammin', "I'm blue dah bah dee dah bah die Dah bah dee day bah die dah bah dee day bah dee dah bah die."

Eiffel forever took away my right to compliment someone's shirt without busting into song! 


Aaron said...

You just reminded me of so many high school dances, and I'll likely have that song stuck in my head for a few days.

Kiddoni said...

It's worse than that. Youtube the video and when he goes into the scat for the chorus he's (she's? It's?) singing "I'm in need of a guy" over and over.