Monday, November 28, 2011

Cat Person vs. Dog Person

I have noticed a common trend out there in the expansive world of the internet.

Dog people are generally accepted.  Write about how cute your pup is, post frequent photos, gush over your friendly pooch.

But if you are a cat person?  Black mark of crazy be thrust upon you.  Generally, it is not okay to post photos frequently or act like the feline is the constant companion she is unless you are married and your husband is an active participant in the kitty cooing.

Why is this?

I found this article on, but I'd like to know what all of you think.

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Aaron said...

Can you make the graphic 'extra large' so it fills the whole post side-to-side? I can't read it, and I have a feeling it's hilarious :)

miss kristen said...

Hate to break it to you Riss but you fit a lot of the cat demographic-don't worry, I fit a lot of the dog one.

I think the reason cat lovers are given such a bad rap is because only the crazy ones float to the top.

The crazy lady who lives down the street and yells at the neighbor kids for playing outside too loud? Does she have forty dogs roaming around her house? Nope. They're all cats.

The wierdo who cried on her e-harmony video? Crying over dogs? Nope. She wants to hug every cat.

The episode of hoarders with the dead animals found under all the garbage? Puppies? Nope. Kittens.

You're not crazy, but a lot of your fellow cat lovers are. I'm not saying dog lovers can't be crazy, we're just better at keeping our red-headed step children well hidden and out of main stream.

Larissa said...

Aaron - I can't get it to be any larger:-( Boo hiss! Try going here:

Kirsten - I grew up with a pup sleeping next to me almost every night. We'd all leave our doors open for our dog, Chrissie, calling it a "Chrissie Crack." I was never allowed to keep kitties in the house. What I'm saying is, I'm TOTALLY a dog person too.
In fact, I grew up with Goats and horses and all kinds of creatures - I love 'em all!