Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I Can See Clearly Now

Monday evening lead me to an interesting adventure with the optometrist.

I like to consider myself a spendthrift, so I milked my last "year supply" of contacts for two years.  Which also meant I did not have an eye exam last year.  My prescription hasn't changed from -4.25 in over 14 years, so no biggie, right? 

Imagine my surprise when the doctor handed me some new contacts almost an entire point more severe than what I'd been wearing.

The next morning, my eyes decided to reject the silicone in the new lenses, so back in I went for a different pair.  The next day, the right eye, in spite of new lenses, is still irritated, so I thought I'd pop in my old prescription until the new contacts arrive.  No can do - so blurry.  (but I don't wanna be that whiny girl and go back in again for another new lense - ugh)

The point?

I never realized I wasn't seeing clearly until I was

I think life is like this more often than not.  We walk around thinking certain things, like that perhaps we will never be able to run five miles or get that manager position or find the companion of your dreams, and we never question this.  These are the facts of life.  But then one day, you receive some guidance and your eyes are opened to the possibilities that maybe you can.

What is wrong with the prescription for your life you have written?  Are you seeing clearly?  Think about it.  Now go get your eyes checked and open them wide to the new possibilities.


Shelli said...

This happens to me every time I go to the optometrist. My prescription is NEVER the same. I think it is a conspiracy to get me to buy more lenses.

I am still using up my old contacts though, because I have also milked them to last longer than the year. The only reason I went was because I left my glasses in Scotland.

Larissa said...

Oh man, Shelli! I wish I went because I left my glasses in Scotland! So jealous! said...

"LIKE"....Good analogy!