Friday, November 18, 2011

Big Girl, You Are Beautiful

This morning on my date with Gym, a song came on that made me proud of my womanly curves.

Granted, I am not a "big girl" and will wallop anyone who even implies such a thing.  However, this particular song almost makes me want to be a big girl.  Praise be to Mika.

I've decided that any and all "fat" days (ladies, you know you have 'em) need to have this for their soundtrack and suddenly you will find yourself looking forward to those days. 

Happy Friday!  Diet Coke and a pizza, please!

(should out to Stephanie for making such a quality video!  Yes, that is actually him singing the Mika classic)

3 comments: said...

Cute video!

But I was distracted by the very NOT-so-big girl in white. The video and song were made less impactful by her presense. In fact, I was almost offended by her in there.

Silly, I know.

Larissa said...

Ha ha - AMEN. I thought the exact same thing, I was all, "What the heck is Hilary doing in there? She's like THE thinnest girl I know!" Not sure what the motivation behind that decision was, but I still love what they did:-)

stephanie said...

Whoa! I just saw this. Thanks Larissa for putting this up. We LOVED making this video and believe that we are beautiful no matter what society deems beautiful. And let me explain Hilary. I wrote under the blurb: "A shout out to all unconventional beauties out there." The reason we put Hilary in there was that we are not discriminating against any type of beauty. Like Larissa said, she's one of the thinnest girls we know, but she is 100% natural and therefore, beautiful! Our video has an agenda for sure. We are shouting out to the world that we could care less what anyone says, we are beautiful and we don't compare ourselves to anyone and put ourselves or anyone else in a negative light because of it. Anyhoo, so THAT was our motivation :-) Thanks for putting it up! I'm touched.