Monday, July 4, 2011

This is Very Important to Me


I know I play it off. I know I say it is no big deal.

But you know what?  It is a big deal.

For the first time in my life I have the leading role in a show.  I actually share the top bill spot with the charming and amazingly talented Jace Mitchell, but you get the point.  This opportunity is something I have dreamt of my entire life.

And you know what I'd love more than anything?  To have the people I love there in the audience.  I can feel your support and want to share with you the thing I love to do most.

Maybe some of you are not the happiest with me because it has been awhile since we have associated and you view performing as the mistress that puts a damper on our play time.  There are others of you that are excited for our time apart because you know that during this time I will be as happy, if not happier than I am at any other time.  You know what a dream-come-true each step on that stage is for me.

I believe one of you once told me you wish I could get as excited about a man as I do about my shows.  Trust me, I hope the same thing:-)

What I'm saying is, if I tell you it isn't a big deal, I'm lying.

If there is anything you can do to be there, please come.  I need you there.  If you don't have any money?  I'll buy your ticket!  My family is all in Ohio and you all are my family.  I don't know if anything is more sad for me right now than to think of having this moment and having no one to share that experience with...standing up in that spotlight and knowing that I am just that....alone.

Please, please, please come!

All Shook Up
July 15-22 at 7:30pm
455 West 7500 South - Midvale, Utah
Bring blankets and chairs and picnics - admission is $7 cash only
Or you can buy tickets online.


Miss Megan said...

You know I'll be there. Break a leg, darling girl!

Anonymous said...

Good stuff Larissa someone beat me to it.

Audra said...

If I were still in Utah, I would be right there cheering you on. Congrats Larissa. Hard work (& loads of talent) pay off.

Jenny said...

awesome awesome awesome!!!