Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Awards and Thank You Note

Saturday, at our cast party for "All Shook Up", each cast member received an award, mostly based off of flattering resemblances to a 1950s movie star or their character.

I received the "Director's Award." My first thought?  "I don't deserve this..."  My heart was touched and my eyes were tearful as our choreographer grabbed my hands and looked me in the eyes and shared, "You are so very, very talented.  I mean it."  Something I saw in her also-teary eyes made me really, truly believe her.

One of the cast mothers handed me a "Thank You" card, which I really didn't think much about until I sat down for Leatherby's ice cream with my dad and decided to read it while we waited.

Larissa (Natalie or Ed) - 
Your performance was amazing but my favorite part about you wasn't necessarily your amazing voice or terrific acting, but your behind-the-scenes approach to life and people.  You were kind when no one needed to know and sweet!  My two daughters are awestruck with you and I am so thankful they have a  "star" like you to idolize.  You deeply touched them and I am so glad!  You are an outstanding young woman - carry on!
A Mom

Words cannot describe the bursting my heart felt when I read this.  I am so grateful for this mother who took time to share her thanks with me.


miss kristen said...

You are pretty incredible.

Why do you think I find excuses to be around you all the time? It is IMPOSSIBLE to not feel completely loved and happy when in your presence. :)

I love you more than my luggage Riss. :)

Miss Megan said...

Did you ever find out who the mom is? I hope so, if for no other reason than to feel extra love for that mom and kids when you see them. I have no doubt, though, that everyone in the cast felt this way about you. You're just one of those people who is easy to love because it's so obvious you love others so much!

I'm still President of your fan club. No one is taking that title from me without a fight.