Sunday, July 3, 2011

Gym's Love Note

I think Gym is finally starting to reciprocate my love.

This week I received a hand-written note from the employees of Gold's Gym congratulating me on my hard work and dedication.  And it isn't even from the Gold's Gym by my house that I most often frequent .  I had to laugh when I received it because, really, who visits the gym so often that the employees take notice and write you a note?  This girl!

On Thursday, a beefy Jamaican from New York tried to strike up conversation with me at my favorite Gold's.  I am typically very successful with my goal of avoiding all human contact whilst sweating like a piglet.  Apparently he has observed me wearing New York shirts for quite some time and used that as segue for a conversation that was, I'm sure, magical in his head prior to the actual occurrence. 

"Are you from New York?"
(I look down to verify I am wearing a New York shirt, whilst noticing his "Giants" t-shirt) "Oh...nope!  They just have t-shirts 7 for $10!"

I don't really think he expected my answer.  I could tell he was fishing for more conversation, but after some small talk, he asked my name, I told him and politely smiling "Thank you for saying hi!" whilst sticking my marshmallows back in my ears.  How strange it is that I've never seen the man before and he knows what I've been wearing every day for who knows how long?  Awkie.

Come to think of it, the last guy who approached me at the gym was a beefy South African.  Maybe I'm just too bootylicious for the Caucasian boys? 

Anyway.  Gym showed me some love this week.  After six years together, it's about time!  :-)

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S.R. Braddy said...

Your idea of Gym showing is to have him direct the attention of other amorous guys towards you? I think your expectations for a relationship are a little... off.