Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sleeping Habits

I've been sleeping alone my entire life.  Sometimes Conor weasels her way into my arms (can a cat weasel?), but other than that I am solitary.

My doll face, Kristie, was lamenting regarding contradictory sleeping habits with her hubby.

This made me wonder: What do I do in my sleep?  Do I have strange sleeping habits?  Will I find sleeping next to someone a difficult transition?

I analyzed my sleep habits according to what I know and what I have been told:
  • I do not snore.
  • I do not talk.
  • I am not typically a light sleeper.
  • I prefer the room cold so I can snuggle up under the covers, but can sleep regardless.
  • I can fall asleep in total silence or loud noise.
  • I dream vividly.
  • I have no problems sleeping on vacations. 
  • I have to force myself to sleep in...the daylight is just so exciting:-) 
  • I typically wake up once per night to rid my bladder of the gallon+ of water I drink each day.
  • I have no problems waking up and being alert, except for maybe half a dozen times per year.
  • I, once every great while when under extreme stress or participating in heightened physical activity, become a mover and a shaker.  I have actually woken up laying cross-ways on the bed or with pillows and blankets thrown to the floor.
  • I am a side or back sleeper.
  • I often put my hands above my head.
  • I have been known to sleep with my eyes open.
  • I have also been known to put my hands up in the air and tickle them in my sleep. 
  • I imagine I would like to fall asleep next to my love, but then gravitate towards my own side of the bed for deep slumber.
Married folks: How has this transition been for all of you married folks?
Non-married folks: Are you worried about the transition?

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Janell said...

The transition to sleeping with DH is still in progress.

He sleeps _cold_. I sleep _hot_. So this results in me, no joke, being piled under 3 quilts at night. I don't really like having all that weight on me. I once did a temperature probe under my blankets and discovered my ideal is about 85*. That's quite contrary to his 68*.

He also snores. I'm learning to sleep through it, but at least once a month I end up on the couch because I can't take it any longer. I hate that it's _me_ that ends up on the couch because of _him_.

He has to deal with my occasional sleep talking, occasional teeth grinding, general hate of mornings, and my cold feet.