Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Electromagnetic Plague

I think I have a weird, destructive disabling electromagnetic field surrounding me.

In the past two weeks, I have encountered the following difficulties:
  1. My CD player in my (trunk) stopped working.  It error messages out every time.  Never a problem before this...ever.  No reason for this - no bumps, extreme heat, nadda.
  2. My 6-month old microwave stopped heating.  Everything else works fine, there was no burn-out, nothing.  It just won't heat.  Very frustrating for a girl who likes her Morningstar breakfast sandwiches every morning.
  3. My mixer died.
  4. My phone is on the fritz.  The inside screen no longer works.  Usually I can drop it on the ground and it starts working again, but over 30 attempts later...still not working.  I can get calls and messages, but utilizing any feature that requires my phone to be open is a no go - including deleting anything.  I am very sad.  I do not want to get a new phone.  I do not want to pay $50 more per month for my service, but let's face it, if I get a new phone, I'm getting a good phone.  I'm with Verizon, any suggestions?  iPhone4 or Droid?  *tears*  We have been together for over three years my lil LG Env2 and I.  Boo.  If anyone has an old one they want to gift me, I'm all over it! 

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