Thursday, July 21, 2011

How I Know

Two (1 and 2) of my favoritest theater people inspired me with lists, "How I know I am in a show..."  I thought I'd share mine.  Some may be TMI*, but more fun for you!
  1. I have random blemishes from where not-frequently-worn items of clothing rub too much on sensitive skin not used to being rubbed.  Sometimes random bruises and scrapes appear from thin air as well.
  2. I have to take PTO (paid time off) to go to the grocery store.
  3. The people at Roxberry begin making my smoothie (Sunrise Sensation) the second they see my car pull up to the store and the people at Wendy's know my order (two jr. hamburgers add lettuce and tomato).  But my friends have to pay to see me that frequently (by coming to the show, of course).
  4. I immediately disrobe upon entering my front door and do laundry every night to vanquish the smell of sweat from peeled-off clothing.
  5. I shower twice a day.
  6. Mic tape residue.  You can always tell where I put my mic tape because that is where you will see my hair sticking (or random pieces of cotton, dirt, and who knows what else) and the red bumps.  Yeah.  Ew.
  7. My hair looks pretty every day - leftover show hair!
  8. I become overly sensitive (and too frequently voice a response that should be filtered), exhausted, and will have at least one breakdown per show run - this one happened to be last Sunday.  A couple shows ago, it was something about a taco...pathetic.
  9. I often don't remember my head hitting the pillow or even getting ready for bed or my alarm going off...
  10. I find myself thinking that walking around half-dressed (or less) is totally normal.  
  11. I find random black smudges or other various colors everywhere from my make up.
  12. I end up drinking more than a gallon and a half of liquid each day.
  13. I have no appetite all day but twenty minutes after that final bow I could eat a cow (mmm...burgers).
  14. I get sick.  I never get sick.  But put me in a show with rehearsals and performances every night and I'll be down, although I have managed to avoid the doc for 18 months.  I put it off for over a week, but once my production team commanded me to go, I figured I best go - they have very scary mean faces.  Yesterday's diagnosis was allergies, sinus infection, and viral infection. 
  15. I am the absolute happiest I can imagine being:-)

Please bless my hair can be this long again soon!

 *too much information


    Miss Megan said...

    #10 I find myself thinking that walking around half-dressed (or less) is totally normal.

    I saw you walking around in your tank top and biker shorts on Saturday before the show and was, in fact, a little scandalized. You are far more brave than I!

    I'm glad you went to the doctor and are finally, truly on the path to wellness!

    And I totally hear you on the "not being hungry until after the show" comment. I know I need the energy, but I'm too nervous and excited to eat before a show!

    Enjoy your last 2 performances, hon. You are wonderful in this play!!!!

    miss kristen said...

    Ha! Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

    And you're one of my favorite people too! :)