Thursday, July 19, 2012

Politics: I Side With...

I stumbled upon the most fascinating political quiz that asks you some basic overview questions and then calculates who you side with out of the presidential candidate pool for 2012.

Go to I Side With and take the quiz for yourself.

My results told me I am 69% with Romney, 63% with Obama, and only 44% with other Utah voters.  No surprise on the Utah thing:-) 

What are your results?

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Aaron said...

I was hoping for the 'Rent is Too Damn High' guy, but I got Gary Johnson (who the crap is that?!). Then Ron Paul, then Mitt. Not surprising, because I already figured I align as a libertarian.

Larissa said...

Ha - Aaron, my results were in that order too! I forget their percentages but it was Gary Johnson (who the H?), then Ron Paul, then Mitt, then Obama...all really close though. Weeeiird.

Janell said...

Apparently, I don't give Ron Paul enough credit. The survey said I ought to like him 85%.

Gary Johnson 81%. (Like Aaaron and Larissa - who IS that?)

Mitt Romney 79%. Curious, given I have yet to hear anything he says that I either agree with.

Obama 39%. Curious, as, to date, I have prefered Obama over Romney.

I agree with 77% of Texas voters, 65% of American voters.

I'm surprised, but I'm also not comfortable in politics so maybe I simply haven't talked to enough people.

Aaaand apparently I haven't been giving the Libertarians due consideration.

miss kristen said...


Apparently I side with Obama 62%

Mitt Romney

Ron Paul

Utah Voters

American Voters

Weird because I usually don't agree with Obama or Romney on a lot of things...huh.

miss kristen said...

And apparently according to this I should be a Democrat, but I claim to be more independent/libertarian...

Vanessa Swenson said...

Barack Obama, then Jill Stein. So incredibly unsurprising.

Gary Johnson was a governor of New Mexico and he's the current Libertarian Party nominee for the presidency. He's considerably more level headed than Ron Paul.

12% with Mitt. Again, unsurprising.

Jon said...

87% Romney
66% Ron Paul
33% Obama

Given my strong positions on healthcare and the economy, this was very expected.
The only things that really surprised me were that Ron Paul's position on economy is closer to mine than Romney's, and that I apparently agree most with Obama on foreign policy.