Thursday, July 5, 2012


How the heck am I supposed to type this?
Worst of all, I pressed the little button to listen and it was this satanic loop of several voices talking over each other.  No thank you!


j said...

So...the way CAPTCHAs work is they always give you 2 things to type. One that they've tested many, many times and had people type it correctly, and the other that they're trying out to see if it works well.

So whenever you get one that looks really weird like that, just worry about getting the other one right. (the SorryFr one, in this example)

miss kristen said...

I have a love-hate with captchas. I know they keep people from spamming me, but they need to make them easier for us non-spamming humans to put in.

I always have a little anxiety when I get the REALLY hard to read ones.