Friday, August 20, 2010


Friends are great. Conversations are great. Great conversations with Great friends? Greater!
I was conversating (yes, I made it up) with an oldie but a goodie about how I was once reprimanded for giving people too much the benefit of the doubt. Response?
"I think our attitude towards others is the attitude the Lord will take with us when we're judged. I feel that way about our attitude towards anything with the gospel actually. There are people who pay exact amounts in tithing, doing precise calculations, giving just the exact amounts. And then there are those who are more relaxed, rounding up, maybe giving a little extra when they can, etc. So when judgment day comes, the Lord will either review the individual precisely, making sure they met the requirements exactly, or He'll be more relaxed, forgiving, and generous, giving a little extra."

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Chism said...

Loved this post. Speaks a lot of truth which is said quite simple.

That friend is a keeper!