Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I was having a discussion yesterday in which I asked, "I just don't get it - why wouldn't a person want to change if they knew that change would make them better?"
For people like me and most of my peers, who are constantly trying to improve, it is hard for us to realize that people are content with who they are when it isn't their best. If you could have the world, why would you settle for a blade of grass?
I've gone most of my life thinking certain people are lacking ambition, or perhaps lazy, because they appear to never change. But they aren't lazy or unambitious, they are simply content. They go from caterpillar to cocoon, but never emerge as a butterfly and take wing. I could simply never be alright knowing there was always something more I could be for myself and for others. While there is nothing wrong with being content with where you are in life (and is actually good sometimes), there is always room for improvement.
I am a huge advocate of being happy with who you are and realizing when too much is being demanded of you, so there is a fine line, but generally speaking...better is best!

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