Monday, August 23, 2010

30 Things

I will be hitting a very eventful milestone in my life in 30 days. In honor of this occasion, I am presenting a list of 30 things I would like to have for the special day (if I were rich or had rich friends, natch). Materialistic? Absolutely. But it did take me about a month to come up with this list - that's gotta count for something:-)

1. Ticket to Elf the musical on Broadway over Thanksgiving (on Nov. 25) (Check!)
2. Ticket to Spiderman: Turn off the Dark on Broadway over Thanksgiving (on Nov. 28) (CHECK! - got one for me and one for sissy)
3. Lippmann Happy Birthday nail polish & Ruby Red Slippers nail polish (Check!)
4. A killer carwash inside and out (as of January 11, 2011, I've still only managed the "outside" part)
5. Watch "Thirteen Going on Thirty" and/or the episode of Friends where Rachel turns thirty (Check! Julie brought me the episode of Friends)
6. Down Pillows (Check!  I bought some for myself the first week of January 2011 as a reward for getting a raise)
7. Nice Paddle Brush of some kind (Check!)
8. Hair Dryer that doesn't smell like burnt hair and actually works (Check! Although it makes a really high-pitched noise - guess that's what I get for $10)
9. Chi Flat Iron (Check! Sissy bought one for me!)
10. An iron that can really show those wrinkles who is the boss (Check!  Arrived via Amazon January 10, 2011)
11. Roxberry Juice (Check! Got one on the way to my show)
12. Smart Cookie lemon & sugar cookies
13. See's Raspberry cream and truffle chocolates
14. Dairy Queen ice cream cake
15. ClearPlay (now with 1080P upconvert? Be still my heart! MegaShark v. Giant Octopus here I come!) (Check! Thanks to the amazing individual who gifted me this without even seeing this list!)
16. "Letters to Juliet" DVD (Check!)
17. Disney's "Princess and the Frog" DVD
18. To run five miles (I've done this every birthday for 6 years.) (Check! And in under 50 minutes!)
19. Abundant 2-liters of Diet Dr. Pepper
20. Netflix Subscription (Streaming movies? Yes, please.)
21. Dyson Animal HEPA Vaccuum or a Roomba (after viewing consumer reports, looks like the vacuum I already have is just as good, so no go on this)
22. Invisalign and whitening
23. 5 new sports bras (Check!  Got them for Christmas '10)
24. A day off work (Check!)
25. Brown Sugar and Fig foaming hand soap or wallflowers from Bath and Body works (sold online only) (Check!)
26. Soft Paws for little Conor (Check!)
27. Leatherby's (Check! Bekah and J Albert are gonna take me out after my show on the big day!)
28. Reta Pumps - Teal, Black, and Grey (Check!)
29. To Perform (Check! I have a show on my bday)
30. Season Tickets to Capitol Theater's Broadway Series (Check!)

Bonus Round!
Glee Season 1

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Camille said...

This list is cool... it's better than what I did, have a panic attack and start counting backwards.:)