Thursday, August 5, 2010

Learn to Share

Last night, an individual in my life retorted, "Your lack of ability to share astonishes me."
I was immediately hurt - a knife to my very soul! I, in an ironic twist of humility, have always taken pride in my generosity. Want to come to NYC but can't afford it? I'll find a way to arrange an "exchange of services." Want to have my cookies for a special event but don't have time to make them? I'll stay up late to bake them for you. "Would you like to donate $1?" Man, I'm a sucker for that one every time. Need a place to stay for a month? By golly, I've even done that!

So what was this gentleman referring to? Food.

Call me crazy, but when I order food at a restaurant or make my own, I have done so because I want to eat it. That's right. Me. I want to eat MY food. What is so wrong about that?
I almost always hit a point in a meal where I'm not too interested in finishing what is on my plate, at which time I will offer it up for grabs. Or if I have ordered a size larger or cooked more so that I can share or ordered "family style," I will gladly offer it up.

If you have your own food that you ordered because you wanted to eat it, with no pre-established sharing clause, then why are you trying to steal my food? I keep thinking of the Friends episode where Joey ends a relationship with a girl because she keeps taking food from his plate. I'm not that extreme for goodness sakes, but I love food a lot and I want every tender little morsel I ordered. What is so wrong with that?


Marianne & Clayton said...

You are totally generous, don't let that comment get to you. And before I even read the first paragraph I was hearing it in my head: "JOEY DOESN'T SHARE FOOD!"

Clestial said...

Eric and I are always talking about how amazing your generosity is. :) Don't let it get ya down! You're still my hero!