Thursday, August 26, 2010

Be Yourself

I come home from rehearsals each night plum tuckered out - even when we haven't done any heavy choreography.
I found myself saying to a friend, "Man, pretending to be someone else sure is exhausting."
Immediately a light bulb materialized over my head. I finally understood why the world needs caffeine so much.
How many of us are exhausting ourselves walking around out there pretending to be someone we aren't?
I'm much better at being Larissa Villers than any character I've played in a show - and I have much more energy while doing it. Forget caffeine, just be yourself.


Eric said...


MamaHintze said...

Nicely said, Larissa!

Jon said...

Like like.

Leila said...

Very nice!

Amy said...

shoot. you saw my empty 5hr energy bottle in the girl's bathroom garbage, didn't you?

Mena said...

Astute observation my friend. Thank you for that. I needed that today. :)