Thursday, August 19, 2010


I do not depend on other people enough.
Do you?
I have this strong opinion that many people in this world rely on others too much - we call them manipulators, moochers, and burdens. They are askers and takers, not doers and givers. I never want to be one of those.
But when I think of the experiences that have bonded me to those I love the most, there is almost always a situation where someone has reached out in need, be it me or the other. How can I deny myself and others the blessings of letting someone help me/helping someone that come along with friendship?
Recently I've taken this attitude that I need to do everything myself because I can depend on and trust myself more than I can anyone else. I know I am going to get somewhere on time, complete a task, etc. It isn't that I don't think someone else could, it is just that I can set the deadline or goal or need and hit it every time - why would I want to chance it?
Being independent is wonderful and necessary - I mean, we've all met those individuals that we wonder how they have Forrest Gumped their way through life this far - but there is nothing wrong with depending upon others, learning to trust, giving others an opportunity to come through...
What is the general opinion on this?

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