Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I love soda.* Diet soda of the Dr. Pepper or Coke varieties.
I am also a water addict.
I drink 44 oz. of soda each day as well as almost a gallon of water.
I can pinpoint my soda love to one certain situation. I hardly touched the stuff (maybe 3 times a year) until I was 26. I dated a great guy who just didn't like me drinking soda - even if only 3 times per year. When we parted ways? BAM - daily walks to the gas station during lunch break for a liquid treat. Just because I could. Now I can't stop. Yum.

*I apologize to all those Ohio natives who may notice I have diverted from my roots of "pop" to a more West coast "soda." I hang my head with shame.


Jon said...

You know, I called it pop until I was about 14 and someone from California made fun of it. I've never called it pop since.

Mena said...

I alternate between pop and soda to this day. I've gotten more in the habit of saying soda and it makes me sad!