Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bathroom Choices

When you enter a restroom and there are five stalls and all of them are empty, do you choose to go to the middle stall? No! This makes any new bathroom-goer have to a) walk across the entire bathroom to the nether regions of the room b) Choose the peep show stall (first one) where everyone sees you through the cracks as they walk by or c) awkwardly enter a stall next to you - making the situation uncomfortable for everyone!
This irks me every time at work. We make wise decisions every day, I think that should carry over to the loo!


j said...

That's an easy one. I always go straight to the end...for the handicapped stall. So roomy!

Anna said...

Me too! I am a handicap stall gal myself! Love them.
AND I hate it when there is a full empty row of sstalls and someone plants themselves right next to you. Awkward.
The gods of the "loo" really are speaking today! haha ;)

Jon said...

You think it's awkward when someone uses the stall next to you when there are other options? Try the urinal! That's 10 times as awkward.