Thursday, September 10, 2009


Monday afternoon a long-time friend and I were talking about how challenging relationships can be. The definition of "challenging" can be negative or positive depending upon your view. If you like the game of ultimate frisbee, playing for two hours is a good challenge, but if you don't...
She said, "I ask myself this question - 'Am I in this relationship to be comfortable, or am I in this relationship to grow?'"
I almost felt a switch flip inside of me. I've known this all along - date someone/develop friendships with those who make you better. But how can they make us better? By taking us out of our "comfort zones!" Our relationships need to stretch us, to push our limits to make us more than we are. After all, our muscles need to be stretched and strained to become beautiful and strong - the same goes for our minds and spirits!
Ask yourselves this question next time you are setting out on any new endeavor or relationship: "Will this help me to grow?" Get into a new zone!

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Eric said...

Agreed. And I'm glad you didn't finish the "and if you don't..." part, because how could playing ultimate for 2 hours ever be bad??? :)