Thursday, September 17, 2009

Seating Arrangements

Kind of carrying on the same topic as "stall choices", I am also a little mystified when I take a seat at the airport, or anywhere else with mass seating accommodations, and some sweet soul feels the need to pop a squat next to me.
Never you mind that there are 100 other seats available....heck, the personal-space-invader could have an entire row...but no...they choose to sidle up next to me. Why?


Vanessa Swenson said...

In Brasil if you choose a seat away from someone at a cafeteria or something, it can be considered rude, so sometimes you end up with a new friend at lunch.
Maybe all these people that have bugged you are Brasilians?

Kristie said...

That happens to me every single time I ride the bus, trax or the T in Boston. I get creepy drug addicts, guys that just left their baby momma, or men that keep rubbing their butts. Awkward.

ChelBelle said...

haha.. You said "space invader"!

snittymagee said...

Cuz you are so darn cute!