Friday, September 25, 2009

What's in Your Wallet?

I have the most random collection of gift cards in my purse (a very cute, very little purse might I add), as well as several other strange objects...

Gift Cards
3 Cinemark Passes
1 Smith's Grocery
1 Einstein's Bagels
1 Jordan Commons
1 Staples
2 Starbucks (I don't even drink coffee! But one is from Ellen Degeneres...)
1 MasterCard
1 Barnes and Noble

Other Objects
1 Bulldog and Cross bones temporary tattoo
1 First class Stamp
1 Insurance card
3 Photos of my niece and nephew
3 Pairs of stick-on earrings (thanks, Karl)
2 Savings Bonds
1 Eyeglass prescription
1 Rock of Ages LED light shaped like a lighter
1 Shiny square of confetti from Rock of Ages
1 USB drive
1 Memory Card to USB drive converter
1 Nail file from Le Parker Meridien in NYC
1 Wallet
1 Pack of Gum
1 Le Parker Meridien Pen
1 Camera
1 Phone
1 Container of hand sanitizer
1 Victoria's Secret lip gloss
1 Hair tie
3 tickets for Arsenic and Old Lace at the Empress Theater


Kristie said...

Woah! I guess what's in a purse does say a lot about someone. Yours says you're awesome. (And obviously very loved/appreciated to have recieved so many gift cards!)

Shayla said...

WOW!! Makes me wonder what's in mine....

and side note, Arsenic and Old Lace...SO FUNNY!!