Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mini Freak Outs

Every day I have some mini freak outs about a few things:
1. I l-o-v-e my new sunglasses from Hawaii. They are pink, sparkly and I perhaps should not love them as much as I do. Every day as I leave work, I immediately panic - where are they?!?! Whew...always nearby (except yesterday when I left them on my desk). You just know how you search forever for that perfect pair of sunglasses and then you lose them? What a nightmare!
2. I am at a red light. The light turns green. I start to go. Um...why is no one else going? I panic. I look around. Ok, ok, finally other people start going too.
3. I wake up without my alarm. Oh crud, did I turn off the volume and it is now 10am and I am late for work?
4. I press "send" on an e-mail with incriminating information. Did I send it to the person I meant to or the person it was about? (yes, I have before made that mistake)
5. Where are my mail keys? I only put them in one of two places, but a few months ago I knew where I had placed them and they were MIA. I had to call the locksmith. I am a neat freak, as you all know, and they were nowhere. Gremlins?
6. Did I pack my gym clothes today? Yes, I have shown up at the gym before, gotten half changed, then realized I had no pants. Sheesh.
7. Am I forgetting anything? I wonder this all the time about everything. Like this post - I'm sure there are other mini-panics I have ever day, but I'm just forgetting... :-)