Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Guilt is getting to me!
Guilt for (in no specific order):
- going out with a man a week after he broke up with my friend (thankfully they are back together now and I only went cause he asked and he needed a friend! I swear I had no intentions! I'm pretty sure he didn't either, but it hurt her :-( )
- not spending enough time with my kitty
- not spending enough time with my friends, especially when I know they are crying many nights:-(
- not spending enough time with myself
- not spending enough time with my Heavenly Father
- not spending enough time working out
- not calling my family more often
- living so far away from any family
- spending too much money
- going out with a guy who misled another dear friend's heart (a man whom I never want to encounter again in my life!)
- eating jalapeno burgers when I should be eating my veggies
- having 5 bites of ice cream or a couple handfuls of goldfish instead of dinner...at midnight
- not being more grateful for my employment
- not being more grateful for my reliable transportation just because it is old and cracked
- not sleeping more than 5-6 hours/night
- not showering immediately after the gym sometimes
- then going out in public in my nasty gym sludge
- letting someone give me a hug although I know it is more than a hug to his heart
- not befriending all the new amazing people at church every week
- not keeping my condo a little nicer
- not washing my car more (and replacing the cracked windshield, and torn off pieces, and and and)
- not working harder
- shoving all my CDs/paperwork/what-have-you in a big box in my closet instead of organizing
- not reading all my glorious books - opting for the guilty pleasure of Entertainment Weekly (I don't even have cable!)
- relaxing when I know there are a million other things I should be doing

Ah, the list goes on. Alas, one girl can only do so much. I'm always happy and optimistic, I just always wish I could do SO much more. One thing I am very grateful for is that I usually have my priorities straight- which does lessen the guilt. :-)


Eric said...

Oh Larissa, you're amazing. No need for all this guilt. Just work on one thing at a time! And I don't think you're actually guilty of half of the things you listed anyway. As far as I see it, you do more than you need to to make other people happy, and that is nothing to feel guilty about. :)

Shayla said...

Thanks. Now I feel guilty. "_

Shayla said...

that "_ is supposed to be :) oops.