Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Red Tights

Different colors of tights with great designs on them are pretty popular these days, right?  I've seen them on everyone from wee babes to grandma's.  There is a pair for everyone - cute, trendy, classy, and sassy.

Sunday, I decided to wear some red tights with a diamond pattern to church.  I also decided to run my fashion decision past my beau, and he said, "They are fine.  Just wear 'em and see."  I said, "Well, they are fun, but are they too fun for church?  I don't want anyone to think I'm a street walker just because they are red."  He stood by his decision that they were fine.

The rest of my ensemble was a pure black, sleeved, knee-length dress with a little red camisole underneath so as to not give a free show should I choose to bend over.  My hair was caressing my back with loose, wavy curls, and I had a dainty diamond necklace on. 

We arrived at church a little late, so decided to sit in the foyer until the sacrament had been passed.  I excused myself to the restroom quickly and quietly.  I returned to find my beau looking forlorn and shaking his head in discontent.

"The guy who was just sitting on the couch next to me was staring at you with the most disapproving look on his face the entire time you walked away.  I stared at him, as he stared at you, and finally he noticed out of the corner of his eye and said, 'Yes?'  I said in an even but stern voice that was inviting him to have a conversation, 'You have a disapproving look on your face.'  He got up, didn't say a word, and walked away."

I responded, "Well, I guess that's my answer - these tights are too fun for church.  I'm taking them off."  Within 10 seconds I'd found an empty room, slid them off, and was seated next to him with my naked legs.

We've had a lot of conversation since then, but mostly both of us are disconcerted by the judgement.  Did he know he was looking at one of the most innocent 32-year old's out there?  Did he know I am a mega-virgin who would never seduce a man save for my future husband?  Did he know I'd have profusely apologized if I'd offended him in any way?  Or am I the one being judgy because I think he was being judgy?  I guess we'll never know since he clearly did not want to have a conversation.


S.R. Braddy said...

Red tights are awesome. Mr. Judgmental was just jealous that he didn't have them.

Shelli said...

There was no reason for you to take them off and no reason for you to feel judged, because whether or not he WAS judging you... it shouldn't matter. His opinion doesn't count at all. The rest of your outfit was tasteful (it sounds like). There are girls wearing all sorts of things to church that I wouldn't feel comfortable in, but if they feel that they can stand in the Lord's house comfortably, then that is up to them. And it is up to you.

Murph said...

It sounds like you were dressed modestly and appropriate for church. You shouldn’t have taken off your tights. Let mister judgmental think what he’s going to think.

Janell said...

I'm omitting my long response because it really came down to: colored tights are great and if you think they're the right tone than wear them. (Says the woman who wore a zebra-print skirt last week.)

miss kristen said...

Who cares? Red tights-Big deal. The rest of the ensemble was modest, so it was the dude's problem, not yours. Don't let people dictate how you dress. As long as you're comfortable who cares about everyone else?
Seriously. People need to lighten the eff up.

Larissa said...

I took them off because the way the man was examining me really bothered Rob and brought feelings of protectiveness and defensiveness. He didn't want me to have to go through any other ignorance for a silly pair of tights and I didn't want him to feel as if he has to protect me...he couldn't stand the way the guy was looking and staring the entire time I walked down the hall.

Miss Megan said...

For all you know, you reminded the guy of a girl that trounced his heart and the tights had nothing to do with it. Sounds like you were already nervous about the tights, so I'm glad you took them off so you could stop worrying about that. I'm sorry that guy was such a creep, though. That's NEVER ok, no matter what you're wearing! I'm glad Rob stood up for you.

Unknown said...

Let's pretend that I ranted about this guy for a really long paragraph. Now I will just say this: wear what you want. What makes you happy. Also I ditto megan's response in full.

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