Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election Night in Salt Lake City: Democratic Headquarters

I just want to clear the air that I am not a political activist.  My voter registration is as an independent/unaffiliated.  I've taken many tests/quizzes and I always fall 50/50 between the two parties. 

That being said, my beau's mother is highly involved with LDS Democrats here in Utah.  For the Presidential Election last night, Rob proposed we go check out the parties downtown for both Republican and Democrat.  My friend Colleen was in charge over at the Hilton for the Republicans, however, by the time we arrived downtown, the predictions had us knowing the Democratic party would be the most hoppin.

We arrived just in time for the announcement of Obama's continued presidency.  Naturally, we stayed to people watch and ended up smelling way too much marijuana and could never figure out quite where it was coming from, discussing all the wine-carrying hipsters in scarves or thick black-rimmed glasses or mustaches, and mostly watching all of the screens with newsfeed and statistics coming in regarding local races in our state and others.

As each candidate was declared the winner or defeated, they took the stage to give a speech.  I vaguely remember seeing many photographers around and I also vividly remember telling Rob, "I wasn't prepared to go out in public tonight."

And wouldn't you guess whose photo showed up on the Salt Lake Tribune's website today?    

It's like I want my eyes to be open, but can't quite manage it...and I want to smile, but only the right side of my mouth can muster up the energy. AND to top it off, Rob is holding me hold me up apparently.

What did he have to say about this?  "I can't believe you were seen drunk at a democratic event!"  He quickly recovered with this compliment, "You really look like Elizabeth Shue there."

Oh boy.  The things I get myself into for curiosity's sake.

Photo Courtesy of Salt Lake Tribune


Janell said...

In brighter news, that is an adorable coat!

Unknown said...

Elizabeth Shue for sure!!

Aaron said...

haha Always a little bit of a shock to see yourself in the news when you didn't expect it, eh? Must be rough being famous ;)