Thursday, November 22, 2012

Those Three Little Words

Sunday evening, my partner in crime's little 3-year-old niece was jabbering away to me whilst eating her dessert at the dining room table.  We made faces at each other, I pretended like I understood everything she said, and we both smiled bemusedly.  She leaned over to me, reached her hand through her long red hair, and touched my shoulder as she said three little words I understood crystal clearly: "I love you."

I didn't think those words would melt my heart they way they did.  I know little children are very unconditionally loving, but this child had no obligation to love me - she is not related to me.  I often feel so undeserving of the love of my niece and nephew because I only see them a few times a year.  Yet, because I am their Aunt Rissa, they love me dearly...because that's what kids do so perfectly.

Her words made me wonder, "Do I deserve this love?  I didn't even do anything..."  I smiled as I realized that in the eyes of this little girl, I must be pretty cool just because I'm there and she's happy when I am. And in my eyes, she's pretty cool too. 

I returned her favor as I watched her ridiculously cheesy little grin, "Thank you, Gwen.  I love you too!"  Because I do. You always hope you are going to find love when you begin a romantic relationship, but what I didn't ever guess was where exactly that love would come from. 

Red Butte Gardens after we took her to dance class at the end of September

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