Monday, June 18, 2012

Fashion Trends: Leggings

I know some of you out there probably love the crop-leggings.  I will admit, I've seen one of you wearing them and you look fantastic.

But generally speaking?

I hate them.

I feel as if they chop legs off half-way down.  And isn't the point of  fashion to make the legs appear as long and svelte as possible? 

My biggest beef has been that, in the LDS culture, a lot of girls wear them to pull off wearing skirts that are not of "modest" length instead of wearing them because they are the right style for the look they are trying to pull off.  This can be a little tacky and unflattering in my's like those girls who buy the strapless dresses and just wear t-shirts under everything.  Umm...darling, that doesn't look good - have you ever heard of a cardigan?  Anyway. 

Leave it to the short girl to be overly-sensitive to any leg-chopping fashion...I gotta elongate where I can!


Aaron said...

I generally like the leggings look, but I agree that it is abused by LDS culture. If you're going to wear the short skirt to show off your gams, just show them off and skip the leggings.

Larissa said...

The ironic part, Aaron, is that it is your very sissy is is one of the people I have seen pulling this look off correctly. Guess the Smyth's know where it's at.

miss kristen said...

But that's just it Riss. If they're worn CORRECTLY they don't crop your leg. They do the exact opposite actually...
And maybe I'm a weirdo but I like the denim mini skirts with leggings and some chucks. It's definitely a teenage thing, but I think it's age appropriate and hip. Wearing leggings without anything over them is a bigger fashion sin IMO. I don't care if you're 110 soaking wet. They are still super unflattering.
Oh, and the sundress with a t-shirt underneath-when you have big boobs you want to add as little bulk up there as possible. I have several light cotton cardis (this you know), and NOT ONE of them is in the least bit flattering with a sun dress. I either look like a box or I'm in my second trimester. No thanks. I'll break that rule, thanks.

It's not always about modesty Riss. Sometimes it's merely doing what flatters your shape best.

Larissa said...

Eh, I just don't like it on 90% of the population. But you are right - I bet it is that high of a percentage of people who don't know how to do it right!

Miss Megan said...

Aw, thanks for the compliment, Riss! I try not to abuse the legging thing -- I'm so tired of buying dresses that just aren't log enough :P

I generally choose not to wear strapless dresses, 'cause they never fit high enough on my bust and I agree the under-t-shirt is rarely a good look. Even a cardigan doesn't always sufficiently conceal the cleavage. *Shrug*

Clothing is tough on everyone -- just gotta find what's flattering and wear that (even if you wear the same things over and over, like I do!)

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