Monday, June 4, 2012

Dr. Oz: I'm Eating on National Television!

Dr. Oz.

I imagine most ladies over the age of 40 swoon simply hearing that name.

Did you know I am on the episode airing 6.5.2012 titled, "Dr. Oz's Calorie Cutting Challenge"?  Bet you didn't!  Watch for me in the segment on frozen yogurt.  I say something awesome about digestion while stuffing my face.  Because who doesn't want their national TV debut include pigging out and digestion?

Care to watch?

Let me tell you how this all came about.

My mom is a huge fan of the Ozinator, so my parents decided to get tickets for our time in NYC - including a ticket for moi.  The evening of my flight to JFK, I was sitting at a baseball game when my dad called and said something about how "The Oz Show" sometimes uses audience participation if I'd like him to forward me the forms to fill out for a chance on the day of our show.  I responded, "Sure Dad, but I leave tonight and don't have my laptop, if you just want to fill out the form for me.  If not, don't worry about it."  I immediately forgot about this conversation.

Flash forward to the next day.  I'm sitting in The Shake Shack enjoying my favorite burger and I see I've missed a call from a New York number that left a voice mail.  I am terrible at listening to voice mails, but curiosity got the better of me.  Imagine my surprise when I hear, "Hi!  This is the Dr. Oz show..."

I returned the call and the next thing I knew, I had arrangements to appear at a local frozen yogurt shop for a segment taping on frozen yogurt.  I asked my dad what on earth he wrote on the application.  His mischievous grin gave him away before he even spoke.  Apparently I watch the show all the time and screamed, "Pick me!  Pick me!"  He threw in something about a sex-change operation, at which point my eyes about popped out of my head.  Oh that little jokester.

Flash forward three days.  I arrived at the frozen yogurt shop, windblown from at least 40 minutes of walking in blustery weather, and regretting the decision I had made to pack for NYC with only mascara and an eyeshadow base for makeup.  The producer gave me my line and shared with me that five others were showing up, so she couldn't promise I'd make the final cut of the segment.  I repeated my line to her about as cheesily as I could, "I love frozen yogurt because the probiotics are good for my digestion!"  As a theater person, I was looking for some direction on how to say it after she knew I had it down.  Nope.  They recorded me over-emphatically talking about my digestion with a fakearola smile plastered all over my gob.  Then, they had me sit down and eat.  On camera.  Of course a homeless man would walk up right then and start taunting me, "Oh yeah!  That yogurt is good!  Oh yeah!  Eat!  Mmm!"  Oy.  Oh well, I figured, it wasn't like they'd use the clip.  And I got free mango frozen yogurt!  The camera-man was exceptionally friendly and chatted with us for several minutes whereupon we found out he has filmed a documentary in my hometown of Piqua, Ohio.  What are the odds?       

Flash forward to the next day.  We attended the live taping of the full show, which included the edited final-cut of the frozen yogurt segment.  Guess who stars?  Yeahhhhh....I am pretty sure I buried my head in my hands to keep from laughing out loud.  There I am - getting frozen yogurt with wind-frazzled hair, eating, and talking way too excitedly about my digestion.  Am I endlessly amused by this?  Oh yes.

I'm on national TV!


Willem said...

Good for you, and you look awesome in those shots.

Shayla said...

I love this. LOVE IT!

Niki Fetters Bissell said...

That is too classic. Oh the Villers girls have all the fun:)