Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Five Years Old!

My little nephew, Max, turned five on Monday!
For any of you who have been lucky enough to get my voicemail, he is the little guy who tells you to leave a message for Aunt Rissa--one of the most adorable little fellas I have ever met (naturally, since we are related).

When I wished him happy birthday on the phone, his first response was, "You didn't sing to me yet. Aren't you going to sing to me?" Alright...

I sang and then he said, "Well, it isn't really my birthday because my party isn't until this weekend. You wanna come?" My heart just about broke. He said he'd have tons of fun anyway, so that's good - he hasn't yet figured out that a party without Aunt Rissa isn't a party!

Whenever I come home, he always wants me to pick him up and twirl him, flip him upside-down, or give him endless bouncy piggy-back rides - I love this! We also enjoy playing hi-ya karate, building car tracks, and when he shows me all of his favorite things and tells me all the stories about them.

One of my most precious Max memories is tucking him in one night around Christmas of '06. We had finished all our bedtime stories and were chatting until he fell asleep. Just as he was almost out, I felt this little hand brushing my cheek and this groggy 3-year old voice whispering, "Aunt Rissa, you are beautiful."
"Max, did you just tell me I'm beautiful?"
" are so beautiful."
Tell me that wouldn't melt even the coldest of hearts?

I love little Max with all my heart! Thanks Shanda and Andy:-)

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Audra said...

Little boys are the sweetest people alive! They say exactly what they are you know you are getting a genuine compliment when they say something nice:)