Friday, March 27, 2009


I have long suspected something malicious - a profiteering act on part of the gas stations around America.
When you have a need for cooling refreshment, craving the chill of an ice-cold beverage soothing your parched throat, and head for the fountain drinks, you see a wide array of assortment presenting itself before you. I always side with the 44oz. Fill 'er up with ice and some chilled Diet DP and I am a happy camper.
This week I decided to be thrifty and refilled the cup with my own 32 oz. stash. Didst mine eyes deceive me? Not even all of my 32 oz. would fit in this 44 oz. cup! What is going on here? Conspiracy I say!


Quinn said...

Did you have 12 oz of ice in your cup?

Larissa said...

I KNEW some smarty pants would ask that question, I originally detailed it in the posting, but then it just didn't flow as well. I would presume I had about 6 oz. of ice in the cup - IF that...