Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I think I should keep venturing into food places today.

1. Free lunch.
My boss tells us, "Let's have a lunch meeting outside of the office today." Then he paid!

2. Free bag of Easter candy.
I followed up lunch with a trip to Albertson's to stretch my legs walking around instead of sitting in the car while wishing my nephew a belated happy birthday. I, not by accident, happen upon the Easter candy aisle. Ta-da! My most beloved sweet morsels are on sale! I skip (not really, but almost) to the register to take my edible joys home and the price rings up wrong. The wonderful lady informs me that if the price rings up wrong, I get them for free!

3. Free fountain drink.
After Albertson's, I see the gas station and hear the fountain drinks calling my name...besides, I need something to wash down my candy. I go in and the attendant asks if all I am getting is a refill. Upon informing her of my intentions, she said, "Well, it's on me today - have a great day!"

4. Free dinner.
Tonight I am going to hear Kristin Oaks, a church figure, speak and we are going to be provided dinner.

How lucky can this day get?!?


Shayla said...

wow you ARE a lucky girl!! I didn't see you tonight, were you hiding out in the back? :)

Larissa said...

I WAS hiding in the back! You are a regular Sherlock Holmes!

Brent & Andrea said...

I need some of your good luck :-)
Especially with the cadbury eggs. They are SO good!