Monday, October 10, 2011

Sharktopus Converts

Last night, I had a mission and invited over a dozen friends with one goal in mind - to convert people over to the love of cheesy shark movies.  If Shark Night 3-D on my birthday didn't do it, I know Sharktopus sealed the deal.

For this special occasion, I am re-posting my original Sharktopus experience.


March 16, 2011
My lil sis and I have this thing for shark movies - cheesy shark movies, in particular.

She called me the week before I went home in an excited frenzy with a request for a date with me and Sharktopus.  How could I refuse?  Why would I refuse?

Saturday evening rolled around and my sis, her almost-fiancee, and my 'rents all settled in for a movie together.  She let Dad pick and, much to our surprise, he selected "Sharktopus."

Sharktopus, or S11, is under the control of an electronic collar.  Oh no!  The electronic collar got knocked off by a speed boat.  He's on the rampage!  He walks on land!  He can climb!  This is probably the best cheesy shark movie ever.

My mom, in her very observant state, blurted out in the middle of the movie, "Boy, he sure does eat a lot!"   As a good cheesy shark movie must have a high body-count, "Sharktopus" delivered.  Mom couldn't figure out why he was so hungry and suggested we rewind the movie to keep better track of the "meals."  Hilarious.

Even more hilarious?  During one of our moments of exclamation/mocking/amusement, we were all apparently pretty loud.  Dad explodes, "SHHH!  GIRLS!  Quit talking!  We can't hear what's going on!"  Before we could compose ourselves, he picked up the remote and pressed "Rewind," at which point we did all we could to keep from absolutely erupting with laughter.

Really, Dad?  "Sharktopus?"  We had no idea he was that into the movie.  We teased him about it the next day and we started laughing with him and he said, "Well, if I was going to spend time to watch that movie, I at least wanted to know what was going on!" 

We also teased Brit's beau, Matt, because he was the only one who hadn't promptly cracked up at Dad's, umm..."interest" in "Sharktopus."  He said, "I knew you guys were laughing, but I'm not getting myself in trouble!  I sat there saying in my head, 'I'm not going to laugh, I'm not going to laugh.'"  He's totally in with the future in-laws.  And me.

If you need a good laugh, "Sharktopus" with the Villers' clan will never disappoint.  Dig it.


S.R. Braddy said...

Oh, man, you're telling me that I missed SHARKTOPUS!

I'm SO crushed!

Willem said...

Sharktopus is cheesy deluxe ... I prefer my bad movies worse if you know what I mean. The Room is up there along with Birdemic.