Thursday, October 27, 2011

Salsa Dancing

Have you ever watched people spinning and dancing all over the floor, shaking what their momma's gave 'em, and thought, "Man, that would be fun!"

I do.  All the time.  In fact, I also think, "Psh...I could do that."  And what better to help me with my stage-withdrawal than to take dance lessons?

So, when Dennis, he of many, many belly laugh inductions, suggested I take six weeks of Salsa lessons with him at Ballroom Utah, how could I refuse?  Really, why would I refuse?

I've had a blast the past six weeks.  Sometimes we haven't paid as much attention as we should, as we are often the annoying giggly duo in the background.  You know, the ones the teachers always ask, "Did you get it?" 

What will I miss about Salsa class?
  1. Learning a new dance.  I love to dance!  I love learning new things.  Maybe someday I'll have a beau I can dance with - you never know.
  2. Dancing with good leaders.  Dennis is very good at stopping me after the spins -he's the best spinner stopper man.  Jeff with the beard is probably the best leader in my group with the best tempo.  And I am becoming so much better at learning to follow a lead.  I've always struggled with following a man's lead, as I've been paired with some not-so-stellar dancers since the time I was 16 and have had to learn to lead them.  This has been a good experience for me.
  3. Laughing at all the people trying to hit on each other or check each other out.  Really?!
  4. Chatting with Dennis after class.  Man, I've needed those laughs.  And the upliftment.  Few people in life just "get you," and he does.
There are a few things, however, I am looking forward to leaving behind.
  1. Mister "I am man."  This particular Indian fellow was doing a particular move wrong.  I, after being confused by his lead, suggested, "I thought the outside turn was a turn to the outside?"  He replied, "I am the man.  I will decide which direction you turn and I want you to turn this way.  I am the man.   You follow me."  Hmm...ok.  Never-you-mind that your partner will get confused because the particular lead you are doing is the lead for another type of turn.  I tried to open my mouth to just ask him a question, but he kept repeating to me his nonsense about how the man is in charge, very sternly.  So, I pulled the old smile and nod.  Wouldn't it figure that the next time I had to dance with him, he was doing it the way I was trying to help him?  Geez.
  2. Mister, "Old Sleeveless Shirt."  This guy is so sweet, truly.  But he swings his arms back and forth while dancing, which makes his leads almost impossible to follow through with with confidence and he is always trying to tell me what to do because he thinks he's super good.  I'm fine with being bossed if the man is better, but...  And did I mention those arms aren't wearing anything?  Yep, he wears those old t-shirts with the sleeves cut off.  He is quite fit, but also well into the territory where he is old enough to be my father.  Put some clothes on.  And quit flirting with your daughter's friends.  Creepy.
  3. Miss, "Whole Body Laugh."  WBL is a big girl in all regards.  She is clearly coming to salsa classes to find herself a man, not to find herself some dance skills, finding it more entertaining and flirt-conducive to not be able to do the dance moves.  She does this whole body laugh with every new dance partner she has and may or may not have even sent her friend over to my friend to get his number...that was entertainment.  He's in an exclusive relationship, which the two gals were baffled by because who would he be dating if not his dance partner whom they knew he wasn't dating?  Hilarious.  Now they act all over-the-top awkward.  
  4. 9pm start time.  Maybe I'm getting old, but I'd enjoy it more, have more energy, and be able to make other plans for the evening if class started at 7.  
 If any of my man friends ever want to take a ballroom class, I'm in! 


Aaron said...

If I move back to Utah, I'll take you up on the lessons! Haven't done ballroom since Social Dance 180 at BYU, so I could use a refresher.

S.R. Braddy said...

You were taking SALSA LESSONS?

...I feel like I don't know you anymore. said...

Stephen, Let's show her up by you and I taking Salsa Lessons....