Thursday, March 25, 2010

Riding a Bike

Do you remember learning to ride a bike?
I have recently accomplished a goal of mine where for four months I met weekly with someone who "held my hand" and now I am on my own - equipped with the knowledge I need to succeed.
The analogy was made, "You feel like your dad just took the training wheels off your bike, don't you?"
I thought about this some more and I realized I definitely feel this way, but I also realized I don't really remember learning to ride a bike!
I remember rolling down the street in front of my friend Audra's house at a very young age. Getting to the point where I was rolling? Yeah...don't remember that.
I remember trying to roller-blade for the first time and skidding down a hill on the asphalt on my butt (thanks, Sandy). Perhaps I saw her fall and chickened out and just sat down for the rest of my trip down the hill, but perhaps I am not really that silly. Or am I?
I remember learning how to jump on a pogo-stick. I worked for hours at Brittany Patrick's house. You might say I was working on tattooing my legs black and blue and purple with occasional red/bloody patches thrown in for some extra pizazz. Do you find it coincidental that the words pizza and pizazz are so similar? I think not!
I digress.
The point is that learning to ride a bike is a monumental event in a child's life. We relate other events to that one moment throughout our entire lives. How can I feel the full impact of this analogy if I can't even remember learning?
Do you remember learning to ride a bike?

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sandy said...

I don't remember riding a bike. But I do remember the roller-blading that will forever live in infamy :-)