Friday, March 26, 2010

Before and After

I have been working my tail off through sweat and tears and triumph the past 4 months. I accomplished something I wasn't so sure I could ever do. I am very excited to have finished this plan and to maintain all of the hard work I've put into being as healthy as I am today.

Now, I don't claim to be thin or skinny, but I know that I am fit and healthy. I had my friend Shayla take the "after" photos for me last night and when I went home to check them out, I just couldn't believe what I saw. I couldn't wait to share my excitement! I promise this is the most scantily clad you will EVER see me:-)
(I really can't believe I'm actually posting these and I really am VERY modest - my belly has never seen the light of day!)

The before photos were taken December 4 - one week into my program. The after photos were taken March 25.


Marianne & Clayton said...

Ta-dow! That is fantastic! You are totally inspiring me to get off my bum and do something. Nice work, you look great!

Stacey Kirchner said...

Okay, what program are you on?! You look fabulous! I would love to have a body like that.

sandy said...

Hot stuff! I would just like to get to your "before" photo! I've been better with the exercise lately, but ugh, still not so good with not eating crap.

Brent & Andrea said...

Wow, you look great! I need to join your program. Maybe you could be my personal trainer...

Larissa said...

Thanks, everyone! The counselor I worked with is with Total Health and Fitness in Sandy - his name is Mark Snow. Sometimes I wanted to whack him a good one...many times...but every promise he made was fulfilled - can't argue with that!

Clestial said...

oh my GOODNESS! Larissa!! I'm so impressed!! You really look amazing. :)

Anna said...

bam! you be lookin hot!!
congrats sister
GOOD for YOU!!!
woot woot! :)

Margaret said...

Good for you, friend! It's great to start something and stick with it and see results!!

Jenny said...

holy freakin' cow, you look amazing! ok, details on your plan. i'm so so so motivated right now!

Larissa said...

I consulted every week with a nutrition and fitness expert at a place called "Total Health and Fitness" here in Sandy, UT. Having the accountability made all the difference in the world. Every week we would sit down and come up with a menu that was high in protein (100 grams/day), had enough fats/fiber/calories, and low on the glycemic index. Each person is different based on their commitment/ability to work out and their height/weight/build.
I ate six times per day (roughly every 3 hours, but every 2-3 hours works too), with my highest glycemic load being right before my workout. I ate about 1300-1400 calories/day. You need to eat within 30 minutes of waking and within an hour of ending your workout. The path was really strict to follow while I was dropping, but once you hit where you want to be, maintenance is relatively simple - just eat 6 times per day still, healthy (obviously), and take in the calories your body needs - now for me that is 2100-2300.
My typical menu was something like this (I did get a lot of variation, but this is just an example):
1: Weight Control Oatmeal (high fiber/high protein) - 160 calories
Morningstar vegan sausage patty - 80 calories
2: CarbMaster yogurt (sold at Smith's/Kroger) & 1/2 cup fiber one mixed in - 140 calories
3: Turkey Sandwich on wheat bread and 8ish wheat thins (230-260 calories) (Morningstar veggie burgers of various flavors on a Sandwich thin work too)
4: 100-calorie whey protein drink and 1 serving baked lays - 220 calories
5: Sweet potato (way low on glycemic index compared to regular potatoes - a small yukon gold is ok too), 3-ounces chicken, 1 cup broccoli, all the spices I want - 260 calories
6: Protein drink or a skinny cow treat or something like that (160-200 calories)
Note: insert tomatoes and lettuce and low-sugar veggies/spices anywhere you want. No corn/peas (very sugary).

I also worked out 6 times per week. That really wasn't a big change for me. What was the big change was focusing a lot more on weight training and a lot less on cardio. This built my muscles and raised my muscle mass/metabolic rate/base caloric need. That way, I was able to burn more fat - the first 3-4 weeks of this program actually had me not losing weight and keeping a higher calorie intake, just building muscle so the rest would fall in place more easily for me as far as weight loss goes. I would do 5 weight training exercises each day and then 20-25 minutes of cardio. Targeting the large muscle groups is the most wise use of your time. That definitely makes sense if you think about it - if you work your forearm that little guy can only grow so much, but target your chest and back? Now we are talking! I actually never did a sit-up on this plan because your "core" is tightened and worked with every strenuous lift you are doing. SO, I'd do legs 2 days per week, chest/shoulders 2 days per week, and upper/lower back 2 days per week. You'll see that some back exercises cross the same areas of the shoulders that chest days do, but that's ok. I'd do a 3/3 split of the days and take Sundays off. I lifted heavy enough weights that I needed the entire 60-seconds of rest time in between to even think about lifting again and I could only do 8-10 reps without reaching muscle failure. You must push yourself. Once you have reached your ideal, you can do 12-15 reps with lighter weights and only 30-60 seconds between sets.

Eating 6 times per day is really important to keep your system moving at all times and to always make sure your body is not every near starvation mode. You shouldn't ever feel "full" just satiated. That was something I'm still not used to and I'll eat more occasionally just cause I like the "stuffed" feeling:-)