Thursday, March 4, 2010


My middle name is "Evil." Just for today.
You know how, when someone does you wrong, you want the universe to turn things around in your favor? Just something that makes you feel this sense of satisfaction that all is right in the world?
Well, I got mine. I've been feeling it for awhile, but it was re-emphasized today.
Long story, but I happened upon some photos of an ex. He's gained a lot of weight. He's lost a lot of hair. Sweet revenge. Good news - he's gained a fiancee (perhaps wife by now). Better news? He's happy with her and committing! Best news? Call me Satan, but I'd say the general population would refer to me as quite a bit more aesthetically pleasing.
And to top it all off? The man I have now is just so much better for me in so many ways and more pleasing to my eyes. I echo my sentiment - I really lucked out!
Ahhhh...*yes* is good!

*disclaimer - I totally respect these individuals and realize they are marvelous and I once loved the man and I apologize if anyone associated reads this, but you know it is true!


Sandy said...

I believe there's a word for that ... "schadenfreude" (see the hilarious song of the same title from "Avenue Q.") Anyway, we ALL get a little thrill from stuff like that, and anyone who says they don't is a liar, liar pants on fire.

I'm beginning to blog again and I just put your lovely lil' URL in my Google Reader, so expect to see me much more around these parts!

Krissy said...


Marianne & Clayton said...

Awesome! Best "revenge" ever.

Brent said...

I thought your middle name was Rage...

Anonymous said...

Maybe your ex is happy for you when he sees you and you seem to be doing well? Weird that you can't feel the same. Maybe you would have been married a long time ago if you weren't so petty and immature. Weight can come off just as easily as it gets put on, but superficial ugliness is much harder to remove. Did you ever think people aren't as obsessed with weight and looks as you are? It's weird that the reason you are glad you didn't end up with this guy is because he gained weight and loss some hair. Think about that for a minute. You wonder why you haven't been blessed to find someone to marry yet? Try looking for the right qualities, see what happens. And did you ever think you're not as fit and great as you think you are? You draw all of these comparisons about your looks and other people's, do you really think you're the benchmark for good looks? I would imagine that your ex's think the same thing about you as you think about them if they see you. I hope this was a recent ex, because it sounds like you still have issues over this guy. Or maybe just issues. Good luck, it sounds like things are going great for you.

Krissy said...

In response to anonymous:
Wow, I have to totally defend my friend Larissa. Though I was a little surprised when read this posting it seemed out of character to me. I have known Larissa for over 10 years...heavier and skinnier, and she is no different. She is one of the nicest, most caring people I have ever known. I remember when this "guy" had moved on, it made her super sad, but it was obviously for the best. But tell me, in your life if you have never felt an ounce of satisfaction when someone that has hurt you feels little sorrow themselves? It doesn't mean it's right but don't be a hypocrite and say totally unkind things in response. You are just as bad.