Friday, March 5, 2010


Guess what everyone?! I am petty, superficial, and immature, and I think I am the best looking/greatest thing alive (I am the benchmark for beauty after all). I am FILLED with internal ugliness.

Ah, perhaps I shouldn't have blogged that fleeting thought - that indulgent moment that will most suredly send me to hell.

Would I have ever said any of that had I thought for a moment either of the two involved would read it or that I'd ever see either again? Nope - never. If they are reading my blog then I am totally excited at the prospect of my cyber-stalkers, but need to spend a lifetime making up for my meany mcmeanerface comments.

I would remove my blog entry - it is mean and nasty and totally against my very nature. All who know me know I struggle daily with the trivial-ness of beauty and my lack thereof, battling out my inner/outer fatty at the gym (despite a 1300 calorie intake and 1.5 daily hrs.), and a million other non-petty concepts. I know, hard to believe I can think about non-petty things.

But I shall leave it. Why? Because I think that if anyone out there for one moment says they have never thought something like I blogged, then they are, to quote, a "liar, liar pants-on-fire." I publicly announce that looks are important to me. You guys just weren't dumb enough to blog about it. Me = conceited dummy en route to a very hot place. Who wants to come?


Anonymous said...

If you can understand having a moment of weakness by saying something you didn't mean, hopefully you can understand mine. I am sorry for my nasty words. I didn't mean them. Would you mind removing my comments? Again, I am sorry.

ChelBelle said...

Larissa, I love you. If you, of all people, are going to hell, then we're all screwed!