Monday, March 8, 2010

Karma is a .....

Karma came and kicked me in the tail end.
Friday after work I was at the gym, doing my warm-up on the treadmill when this person comes up uncomfortably close and I turned and jumped - it was him...the ex I'd blogged about! I just knew at that moment that he'd read it and was there to tell me I'm a mean person, among other things.
Nope, he hadn't. But I confessed it all and he just laughed at me. Best news yet? He's getting married on Saturday and he has this amazingly happy glow about him that I haven't seen in years.
So how did Karma kick me? Well, he's lost 33 of the 40 pounds he gained and hasn't lost any more hair. Dang it all. What are the odds that I see the guy once in more than a year and then I say mean things and see him the next day? Yeah, I'm definitely keeping my mouth (fingers?) shut from now on.

Oh - and before anyone wonders - I moved on from this young man quite some time ago. Anyone who has ever been burned (badly) will understand how it just feels nice to be glad you aren't with someone and have a reassurance it is right not to be, no matter how many years later. And, c'mon! It is just funny to write about this kinda stuff. What's life without a little drama? My current beau knows all of these stories and loves me regardless of my foolish ways:-) In fact, encountering the ex was a slap in the face about just how much I love the current and how right this relationship is for me.


Krissy said...

I think I would have pooped my pants when I saw him...I can't believed you confessed to him pretty brave!! I am glad that it has worked out for the best for both of you!

sandy said...

Your life sounds like a sitcom, my dear!

Shayla said...

you. are. amazing.

seriously. :)