Thursday, June 12, 2008

Slapstick Routine

I left my apartment this morning carrying: A large open bag of trash, my gym bag, my purse, my water bottle, 1 container of blackberries, 1 container of strawberries, two CDs, and a fiber bar. That right there should give you a chuckle.
I have to climb three flights of stairs and walk about a half a block to the trash, then to my car, which is why I loaded up - one trip is nicer than two!
Things started going south the second I tried to lock my door. I had to let go of the screen door to reach in and grab the handle of my door to lock - BAM I get hit in the back. I head towards the stairs, *Pop,* the top comes off my water bottle. I reposition my load, pick up the cap and step onto the first stair, another stair - things are looking good. Third stair? I, in slow motion, see my strawberries slipping but have no hand to grab them with. They plummeted to their doom. I bent over to pick up the three survivors in their container and the top popped off my water bottle again. Of course, this means the water started spilling out everywhere and all over everything. So, I pick up the top, put it in my mouth, scoop up my little berries, and trudge up the stairs. I finally, and very precariously, make it to the trash can whereupon I almost threw my keys and purse in. I set everything down on the sidewalk in front of the bin and reorganized myself before making it to my car.
What a morning!

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