Friday, June 13, 2008

7 Things

I've decided I want to try something I have never done before each day. I've also decided to keep a record of that right here (lucky you!).
Now, for my first ever list of things I've never done before that I done did now:
Saturday June 7: Rode Trax in downtown SLC
Sunday June 8: Sat by a friend at my new ward during Sacrament
Monday June 9: Went to the SLCC institute building for cross-ward FHE
Tuesday June 10: Wished my friend of 4 years a happy birthday on the correct day - last year I wished him on July 10...sheesh.
Wednesday June 11: Played ultimate frisbee with my new ward at a park in SLC
Thursday June 12: Had two catches, a throw, and scored a point all on one run in my Orem Ultimate Frisbee league game
Friday June 13: Typed a list of things I've never done before!


Erika said...

I'm hoping to add "See Larissa's new apartment" very soon to my list of things I've never done.

Vanessa Swenson said...

don't you love realizing that you've done tons of new things and that it was great?