Thursday, June 5, 2008

Random Memory

I am a picky meat-eater who is often asked if I am a vegetarian due to the extent of aforementioned pickiness. Suspicious meat is a big no-no (bones/carcass? No way! slimy? outta here! jugulars running through? puke fest!). However, I do love a good burger. Mmmmm....
How did I get to be so picky? I was at the Golden Corral (were we not asking for trouble right there?) with my family when I was no more than eight years old. My mother was eating a steak next to me and when she went to cut into it, blood squirted out and filled her plate. I was traumatized - this situation became the beginning of the end of my care-free love affair with meat.

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nateandrebecca said...

Yuck! I am definitely not a fan of meat that hasn't been cooked throughly...especially if blood comes out!